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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Logical Consequences

Eric Fromm said that the logical consequence of theology is mysticism, and the logical consequence of psychology is love.

So taking psychology first, effective psychology leads to a person who is a loving person, in the sense of mature love. That is a person who is a giving person without hidden agenda, just gives because that is what he/she does. This person cares for others, responds appropriately to others, respects and sees others and takes time to know others. This person treats others as ends in themselves and not as means to ends. The psychologically well person exudes love.

We see some such people in our world. We admire them. We wish there were more like them. We aspire to be them.

Then let's take theology and the thought that it ultimately leads to mysticism. As you may know, the mystics are dear to my heart, speak to me most dearly, and are cherished by me. I have a touch of this mysticism in me that I wish to grow. Who is a mystic? A person who knows God/Source/Higher Power in a direct and intimate way. A person who periodically sees through the veil. A person who knows, writes and says things that come from a higher place. A person whose allegiance is to God and not to other people's words about God, for the mystic does not learn about God but rather is with God. Historically mystics come from all streams of religion - from Christianity such as Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Teilhard de Chardin; from Islam Sufis such as Rumi, Al Ghazali,; from Hinduism such as Lalleshwari, Meera, Swami Ji; from Buddhism such as Suzuki, Alan Watts, the Dalai Lama; etc.

Although rare, mystics do arise among us. It seems to me, we would do well to study them rather than any theology, for they found a way to know and be with The One.

So looking around life and also history, I think most theology is nonsense for it does not lead to mysticism. It very, very rarely leads a person into a direct experience of God. It does not lead people to be with God. It leads people to read about God, hear about God, memorize other people's thoughts about God, etc.

In the Christian tradition, we are to follow Jesus who became the Christ. We are to follow in his footsteps. We are to do even greater things than he did. We are to heal, to love, to forgive, to know God so intimately that we call Him, Papa. We are to be Christed for that is what it means to take on his flesh and blood and do and be as he did.

But, theology has not led us there. How many Christs do we see? Perhaps the current state of theology is impotent. Perhaps just downright wrong headed. Jesus said, "by their fruits you will know them." So as we look at the fruits of current theology, what do we see? I do not see mysticism. I see factions protecting their way for theirs is the "right" way. I see clubs that exclude non-members. I see clubs that want to destroy non-members. I see little recognition that God is everywhere, in every path and calls us up and out of the fog of separation.

I only see mysticism in glimmers of people who have gone off the theology trail and sought their own way, springing off their original theology, but not staying there. At the core of every teaching is Truth. But then those who do not Know directly begin writing and putting layers upon the original Truth and people are required to believe whatever these theologians say, even when it is opposite of the original Truth revealed by the original Mystic who told the Truth in the first place.

The way I see it is that Jesus told us one Truth and then centuries of pontificating men (mostly men!) put all kinds of strange layers upon the Truth and we are to believe what these unconscious men have written, and we are to believe on faith or we're not to be in the club. Throw out intellect, throw out archaeological discoveries, throw out newly discovered ancient documents, throw out common sense, ignore the mystics and listen to the pontificators.

Or seek to follow the Truth. Seek to actually Know God and walk in His Presence. Listen to the mystics. Blaze a trail to Oneness, to Love, to Light, to Knowing. Answer the call that urges from the depths of our souls for us to awaken.

I can almost imagine what life on earth would be like if millions of awakened people walked in Love and Light, actually being Christed.

Lord, lead me to You. Awaken me so that I may Know You and walk in Oneness.

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