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Monday, February 23, 2015

More thoughts on Love

As we were out driving around, observing magnificent clouds contrasted with gorgeous blue sky, my mind turned to the unqualified directive from all spiritual greats for us to love.

Jesus went so far as to say that loving neighbor, self and God fully, unconditionally is the key to everything. I thought how that plays into living in the now. Right here and right now I am to love. This holy moment is the only one I have to live, and I am to bring all the love of God into this very moment.

No excuses. We never know what is just about to happen. In the blink of an eye, my life has turned on end. Happy play, and suddenly a knife on the throat. An aneurysm, and he was gone. One day love from a family member, the next good-bye forever thrown in extreme anger. One day savings and a bit of ease, the next all frozen for no reason and without due process. etc. etc. etc.

No matter what comes at us, we are still to love. No spiritual great says to love when convenient or when others are behaving a certain way. Living in this tiny moment only, surely I can show up as Love and set aside all of the pressing things that call me to turn from love. In one turning moment, one day, I shall leave this body to mother earth and return to my spiritual home. I want to be loving others in that moment. I want to answer the unqualified directive to love by actually loving no matter what.

Lord, help me to Love as You would have me Love.

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