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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hope Rising

It is interesting to me to note the rising and sinking of hope in one's life and how this affects everything else.

The depths of despair, the bereft moments, the grief, the darkness of the valleys we sometimes walk are seductive. They seem to replicate themselves and call to us to wallow in them. What does it take to rise up out of such a deep valley and get on with life? How did we allow ourselves to get there in the first place?

It  has been my experience that there are several factors. There is an initial shock, something falls apart, someone leaves, there is loss of this or that. But then there is the internal dialogue, the self-talk. For a person not grounded in spirituality, meditation, etc. the days in the valley linger much longer than need be. For some it can even be years.

For a person who has positive spiritual practices in their lives, the turn around time can be moments rather than weeks or months or years. This person has a different quality of self-talk and a reservoir of positive, faith-filled energy.

So, for example, I might begin to breathe deeply, to pray, to meditate and to read inspiring writing. Then I would say things to myself such as: There is an answer. Infinite Mind knows all there is to know and I peacefully listen to the Divine for guidance. I can rise above this. I am not alone. etc...

I recall a study on people with "a Pollyanna attitude," and how they are happier, healthier and more satisfied with life. I'm not suggesting the extreme is our goal, but the cultivation of hope and a positive attitude make one's experience of life far different from the opposite attitude. When we choose the hopeful and faith-filled way, it's sort of like making a deposit of Light into our subconscious minds. The Light is there to draw upon when the days seem more difficult.

I invite hope to rise up in us, and reach out into our world and help lift it. Let's believe and live knowing God is with us. Faith that the Divine,the Holy Presence is present at all times, everywhere, and is Love is really what we need more than anything. Cultivate this and the harvest will be filled with blessings.

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