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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What On Earth Is Going On - Spiritually Speaking?

I was thinking of my book of the above title, which my dear, dear friend, Sveta, is translating into Russian for me. My dear physicist friend, Wm. Gough, wrote the forward (I hope you read it - one thing he said was science is catching up with my ideas! Wow!), and my spiritual discussion group went through it with me and challenged me to make the ideas ever clearer. And then it went up on Amazon for all with Kindle apps to be able to read. I hope and pray that it will touch and lift many people.

Someone remarked to me that my books there are not very much money, and I replied that I just want to share the ideas and make them accessible to as many people as possible. I suppose my book on forgiveness most especially is in that category as everyone has hurts that need to heal, and I have heard so many testimonials as to what a difference that book has made in so many lives in various countries. It made the ugly twists and turns of my early life worth it to be able to write authentically about forgiveness and be able to be of help to others.

So many things I want to share and discuss and lift to a higher level. Ideas swim into me from somewhere, I think often from a spiritual dimension. In fact, often when I re-read something I've written, I am surprised by it as if I had not written it but it is as if someone far wiser than I did. It is an odd feeling.

Anyway, I just want to share a bit of my intro in the book of the title of this day's blog:

I didn’t want to write this.

It kept nagging at me. I ponder life on earth, as have countless billions I suppose. As far as we know, human life has been on this planet since the cave people days, hundreds of thousand years ago. We have records of some of those who have gone before and their thoughts on ---what on earth is going on?

It is remarkable, I think, the consistency of the woes, challenges, answers and journey of us humans. Why is this I began to wonder???

The most obvious answer would be that this is a school or a correctional planet or insane asylum or an incubator for souls, some even say this IS hell, some say this is the lowest plane of the Divine Ray emanating from Pure Consciousness. At best, we all seem not quite put together yet. And, we seem to be experiencing the same kinds of positives and negatives that people have always experienced here. So, as some have said, this is third grade for souls. We cannot change it because the next batch of souls needs third grade. When you really think about it, that is hard to disagree with. It doesn’t ever seem to change. There must be a reason, a purpose buried in it somewhere.

With the craziness ever flooding us from the daily news, this opening thought came to mind today. And, I ask myself, and you, once again - What on earth?????? Anyway, I do dig into that in this book and offer some original thoughts on it all. What do you think is going on here on this little blue planet????

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