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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Muddy Mind

Yesterday I spoke with a dear person who is still railing about things from years ago, and is upset about a number of things in a sort of rage. I felt so sad that he could not seem to hear himself. He seemed to have no thought to how his anger and arrogance were affecting me and others. The love-filled and forgiveness themes of the Lord he says he follows seemed far away. He didn't see the irony of acting in a way opposite of his worship.

This morning I thought of years of meditation, contemplation, prayer and studies with a huge variety of spiritual points of view and saw a glass of muddy water. One of my early teachers told me that the muddy mind is made up of accumulated emotions, thoughts, false interpretations of events, judgments of others, resentments, etc. The job of spiritual practice is to clear out the mud so that clear water is present. This is done one drop of clear water at a time - and over time one forgiveness, one hour of meditation, one prayer, etc. all add up to displace the mud and clear the mind and heart, preparing for actually knowing God and living in Oneness.

It is my belief that deep in all souls, even the most troubled souls, is a profound yearning to be at Peace in the Light of God, to live aware of The Presence, to walk with Guidance. I am sad that many either refuse to do the spiritual practices needed to clear away the inner "mud" or don't even know that there are practices that can lead to wholeness.

It is my wish, my prayer, that all with any, even a smidgen, of "mud" in minds or hearts today begin the practices that lead to a genuine spiritual life walked awake in The Presence. Because my heart is heavy for those in darkness, I see there is much more work for me to do too.

Thank You for the lesson of yesterday and the insight this morning. I come to You this day for Your Guidance on what I must do to see more clearly. Lead me to what I must do to remove any lingering "mud" and to be an avenue of healing for others also waking to the need to clear out all that obscures Your Presence. Here I am Lord, lead me.

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