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Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Body

This has been a week of medical tests and procedures. Therefore, this week has been focused primarily on my body. As I spent so much time aware of my body, I had many insights, some of which I will share here.

First of all, I am grateful for this amazing, miracle-working, durable body that I have been given. It has been wounded, yet it healed so the wounds no longer exist. It has walked billions of steps and taken me to incredible adventures. It has given forth two beautiful and perfect babies. It has turned all manner of foods and drinks into skin and bone, muscle, nerves, hair, nails, etc. It has alerted me with aches and pains when it needed help. It has learned and accomplished many tasks from sitting up, then walking, to typing on this computer this very moment. It is made of Mother Earth, formed by the Creator and filled with my soul. My body is an amazing thing!

Then I began to think of other forms of body. For example, there is the body of my work. There are books written, sermons given, counseling hours, there are quilts and clothes and paintings. There are kisses given to boo boos, hugs to tearful children. The things I have done while in this body are an extension of my body, and like my body, they stay with earth when my soul leaves and goes to our spiritual home.

Then there is another form of body of my works, the work I have done on my consciousness. This is the most important, yet it is invisible to all but the most discerning. This is the ultimate body of work, for my consciousness goes with me. It may live and teach and grow on earth. It may be an example,either for good or bad, to others. It may leave traces in the body of works that stay here. Yet it does not stay here.

As I have said many times and ways, the work of my consciousness is to be able to abide in unconditional love. My hope, my prayer, my plan is to be able to do this, so that when I leave here, I can say "Yes" to the questions the Being of Light shall ask me

I have a bit of work to do on abiding in unconditional love constantly, continually, without excuse. I am part way there, so I do have hope.

Lord, lead me to honor the grand body You gave me, the incredible mind You placed here, and to release all that is not a part of unconditional love. When my days here are done, I wish to leave the bodies of work here as inspiration and arrows pointing to You. Lead me to be all You had in mind when You created me.

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