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Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm Confused

Okay, so life doesn't have to conform to my ideals, but something extremely unusual is going on from the vantage point of my collective years on this planet.

Yesterday I read that only 18% of Americans under the age of 60 attend church and less than 50% believe in God. Alarming. Under the age of 60!!! How do people get a chance to know the Presence and the great words of those who have gone before into the amazing experience of Oneness? How do ethics and morals get ingrained?  What kind of people are developing without a spiritual rudder I wondered.

Well the very next thing that caught my attention was students at Emory University so threatened by seeing chalk words on concrete that said "Trump 2016," that they HAD to have counseling. The university president reinforced this nonsense. Really. Give me a break. What a con. If our youth are really that weak, we're in huge danger as a society.

Then I heard a couple of young men talk about how the young are brainwashed to believe that any point of view different from the far left has to be shut down. The professors teach and insist on this brainwashing, Apparently the parents either don't know it is going on, don't care or are afraid to challenge it and are likely not part of the 18% who do make it to church. What happened to debating societies, to critical thinking, how about the First Amendment?

Then I look sorrowfully at our election process going on right now. Stories of caucuses in some states where all kinds of ballots were passed around, one man saying he had 50 in his hand, candidates who are 3rd grade boys fighting on the playground, socialists and communists and the decent either out or at the bottom of the polls.

What's to become of us? Is it too late? The Roman Empire fell in the 400's due to barbarians at the gates that were ignored. To add to the above lament, we too have barbarians at the gates and our border guards are ordered to stand down by a president who said today that there is no big difference between capitalism and communism and thinks terrorism is a crime problem, and oh yes protects Islam and lets Christians be the object of genocide without complaint.

It seems to me, an awful lot of us will have to wake up and stand up right away to save our Western way of life, our freedoms and our spiritual heritage. If you are reading this, I pray you will be one who does take a stand.

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