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Friday, April 1, 2016

Working Backwards

More insights keep coming to me regarding the conversation I mentioned yesterday regarding a call on my birthday, March 30. The person also called another relative and reported to her with vehemence that I had said things to him I had not said. And of course related his upset in general. He is extremely attached to his point of view.

I got to thinking about how the great enlightened ones and the great writings indicate the necessity of arriving at non-attachment. I think it is also part of the unconditional, agape love that is called for. From my experience and study, I know that an enlightened person is loving, empathetic, compassionate and also non-attached.

Non attachment does NOT mean not caring. It means, I see you, I observe, I see your journey. Your journey is interesting. I love you, I know God walks with you and you must walk your own path. If you should fall, I will reach out with a helping hand. I care so much about you that I accept you and where you are in the journey. You do not need to change for me.Who you currently are is between you and God, so I will not manipulate you. I care about you, and at the same time I am not attached to some vision of how I want you to be. I love you, period, because who I am is love - it's like Grace. You cannot earn it. It just IS

Let's talk about this for a moment since this is the goal of most spiritual practice. Let's work backwards from the goal to the beginning. We begin with little awareness and develop some degree of it in this lifetime.

Quite a few people are, and have been historically, strongly attached to a box created by a belief system that is very attached, loving only to others in the same box, and does not tolerate any deviation from its ideology. The filters often then distort incoming information through the twisted lenses of the particular ideology. Things have to fit to what is believed and cannot be seen and understood as they are. This can be true of groups and individuals.

When we arrive at non-attachment, we are aware and observant but not manipulative and judgmental. Our peace of mind is not attached to the other behaving a certain way. If others are abusive, we don't have to play the game with them. Their behavior is their current behavior and there is no thought of paying the price of peace of mind because of it. We can take effective action to prevent them from creating harm, or remove ourselves from their reach, and yet we love. Sometimes the most loving thing to do is let them go to hit bottom and find their own repentance. Sometimes we have to intervene to prevent great harm - as with terrorism, fascism, or most any "ism."

Wherever we are on this journey, let us remember we walk each moment in The Presence of God. Our goal is to be awake in The Presence and therefore non attached/loving through and through. We are accountable to The Presence that is so incredibly Infinite that no box can contain It. We can commune with God, be aware and awake in God, but we cannot put God into words or ideologies or anything that has limits. Jesus came closest when he said, "God is Love (Agape, unconditional)."

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