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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Pray for Christianity

This morning in church I had strong Guidance to begin the process of getting people to pray for Christianity Itself. Christianity is under siege.

Just a few examples: Incredible violence against Christians in the Middle East, China vowing to get rid of Christianity and so far this year destroying 48 churches and thousands of crosses, only 18% of Americans under 60 attending churches and far less in Europe, the war against Christian holidays and symbols, the coarsening of society, etc.

I think the various divisions within Christianity need to rise above the man-made theologies and consider the core teachings in the original words and deeds. This would be the most amazing and persuasive argument as to why Christianity in its essence is what can save the people of this planet and the planet itself.

Jesus summed up his teaching, and said it fulfilled all, in the Great Commandments. LOVE. Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Imagine peop!e taking these words seriously and doing their best to live them. The ugliness so prevalent would melt away. Evil deeds would not be done. People would not starve to death. On and on Love would go healing, restoring, oneing...

I propose we urgently need to return to what Jesus summed his teaching to be, LOVE. We are being called to restore and save Christianity. Please consider this and ask others to read this and join us in prayer.

Lord, we come this day and offer ourselves to You. Teach us to love fully and completely as You have asked us - unconditionally, without reserve. Wash us clean of any darkness so that Your Light and Love may shine through us without distortion - straight from Your heart through us to all on this earth. We lay down our reasons and arguments, our versions of theological twists and turns, our biases, our judgements of others, all that hinders the free flow of Love. Lead us to bring the world to Your Love so that there is Peace, so that goodness and kindness reign. We ce!lebrate this prayer that has been heard and is even now being answered and seal it in the ancient seal of faith, Amen, Amen and Amen

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