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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


In a sort of strange combination, I am reading both "Perennial Philosophy" by Aldous Huxley and "Biblical Literalism, The Gentile Heresy" by John Shelby Spong.

Basically, Huxley wrote about how the Divine has spoken in the hearts and minds in similar ways throughout all of history. I think anyone who has read widely, understands this.

Spong, in his newest book, wrote about the Jewish liturgy and how the writers of what we call the Gospels wrote the story to work into the liturgy. The people were not literal in their orientation and would be shocked to learn that later people took it all literally. The story was that Jesus was the new Moses, the new Joshua, the new prophets like Isaiah, etc. Matthew, for example wrote the stories in the order to be read in the synagogue with the Torah stories. I've only read 29% of this book so far, so I need to see where it goes.

He points out that the writings of Paul were first, in the 50's and the Gospels later, written after the fall of the temple in 70 c.e. and even as late as 100 c.e. or 120 c.e. The magical, fantastic stories are not in Paul's writings or the first Gospel, Mark (the first written, but for some reason placed second). Of course, this is common knowledge among anyone who is paying attention. Just reminding us in the context of this line of thought.

But, he says that by not understanding the actual meanings and placing fantasmic stories in the column of literal, no wonder people are turning away from Christianity in droves. He suggests it is a heresy to take as literal the deep stories that mean so much more. I think that is worthy of consideration. The first century people were trying to speak a powerful message of God's Love, Forgiveness and Healing showing up for them to see and know and try to welcome into their own lives.

This life was so irresistible that just like long before Queen Sheba brought great gifts to King Solomon, so Jesus/Yeshu was worthy of such adoration. Just as Joseph went in Egypt in slavery yet later saved his people, so the baby would grow to save his people, all people. And on it goes, one Torah story after the other, showing up to explain and honor this amazing energy that was Yeshu.

I always thrill at deeper meanings, and real meanings, and uncovering what has been hidden by misunderstanding, ignorance and control dramas. So I go on with my quest.

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