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Sunday, May 8, 2016


It is Mothers Day in America. Blessings to all the courageous women who have given life. Blessings to all who have nurtured children and guided them through the winding path to adulthood.

Blessings to my mother who taught me what to do and what not to do in words and example.

At another level we all give life in various ways. We give life when we lift up others, we give life with our compassion, our joy, our delight. We give life to ideas. We give life to a home, at work, to a community. There are many ways we give the gift without ever knowing it, to casual encounters, to friends of  friends, to words written, etc. With our life force we send birthing energy in countless ways.

In this world in agony I pray more and more of us give the gift. Together we can birth a more compassionate and mature world.

I open my heart to the nudging of Spirit to send forth lifting, birthing energy, to be a positive presence wherever I am. I have a vision of a world out of the clutches of darkness. Lead me to be part of this vision. Thank You, God. It is so.

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