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Thursday, May 26, 2016


I cherish the freedoms that nurtured, encouraged, stretched and led me to this point in my life. God bless America. God bless free speech. God bless the freedom to study and work and rise up the ladder. God bless free discourse. God bless libraries and all institutions that have saved great thoughts for us. God bless our Constitution.

Freedom has to be lived by people who know the responsibility free people have. We must honor all people and act morally. We are free to do and be unless others are hurt. Freedom is not license to do any and every destructive thing.

Today I watch in astonishment as these precious freedoms are under attack. I speak not only by the extreme savages who wantonly slaughter those who do not 110% agree with them. They, of course, are a scourge and an embarrassment to what it means to be human.

There are scenes daily now of students who are hypersensitive to the max and are thrown into therapy by some other point of view than the ones they have been propagandized to believe in a "True Believer" kind of way. There are riots by people who don't want the truth, but want their perspective taken without examination. There are socialists and communists who want to destroy our freedoms so we can be "taken care of." If we look around, we can see the failure of this nanny state idea in countless examples - today it's Venezuela, tomorrow not us please.

We know if we don't use our bodies, they grow flabby and weak. If we don't stretch our minds and strive and work, we become mentally flabby and mentally weak.

Out of some dark corner, these self-defeating ideas/movements arise. Without the ability to critically think, weight, debate, etc we are taken over by nonsense with hardly a whimper.

Stand up and be all you can be. Grow strong mentally. Protect and live our freedoms. Please. Have courage. Please. Our wonderful way of life is under attack. Steel your mind against faulty ideas and be strong.

I believe our founding fathers and mothers were divinely inspired to commence a new way to be a people. We are birthed as a people who are free, who are spiritual, who are a melting pot. It is a wonderful Divine Idea, and we have received it. Let us pass it on to our descendants.

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