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Monday, June 13, 2016

Open My Eyes That I Might See

One of my favorite songs to sing in church starts with the line above.

The question is what am I opening my eyes to see? Am I seeing through a thick film of my acquired biases? Am I looking for only that which confirms what I have predetermined is THE truth? Am I looking to explore openly what might or might not agree with I've decided up until now, because I truly seek the Truth? Do I realize this is an on-going adventure?

One thing I KNOW is that God is Infinite, and this finite me cannot possibly know all. If I sit back and smugly say I have arrived, I am sorely mistaken. Life is a journey, and if we are at least somewhat awake, it is a journey to live aware that we live and move and have our being IN the Divine Presence. And if we are sincerely walking that path, as we progress a bit, we are more and more aware and living consciously in Oneness with the Divine.

This week-end most of us were disturbed, in pain, in horror, deeply saddened. A young man did what every religion condemns - he terrorized and killed apparently without compunction, other young people who were simply dancing and having a happy Saturday night. I cannot help but wonder what terrible biases developed in him that led him to think it was okay to take another human life, many human lives? How did the lens of his life become so distorted? What did the world look like through his eyes?

Yet, I must look in the mirror too. What distortions remain in my seeing? Where can my lens be wiped clean so that I may see from a more spiritual vantage point? I have only cleared away some of the debris from my seeing, and still have work to do- I'm still not the person God had in Mind when I was created - I'm sure of it.

We must be careful to not  be so busy in outrage about this young man, or others like him, that we avoid the work remaining to do on ourselves. Of course, what he did was evil.  But then, it would behoove us to ask ourselves some questions. Where are there even tiny pockets of darkness still in me? Am I always kind? Am I always compassionate? Do I live the Great Commandments without excuse? What do I need to do about this?

Here I am, Lord. Wash me with Your Light. Wash away any pockets of darkness in me. Lead me ever closer to You and to being the person You had in mind when I was created. Teach me to Love. Teach me how to stay awake in You.

I lift up to You all the tortured souls walking our earth and ask that Your Love and Light enfold each and every one and bring them to Peace and Wholeness. Teach them to Love.

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