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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Whispers of Spirit

This morning I was thinking about what seems to be so, that the writings Christians call "The Old Testament" were first written down while the Hebrews were in Babylonian captivity. The oral traditions had passed the ideas and stories down for uncounted centuries. It would serve us well to remember the Law, the Prophets and the Wisdom writings were/are Jewish documents about the Jewish journey with God, and that the "New Testament" is also a Jewish understanding of God, in the 1st century c.e. incorporating the inspirations of Jesus which expand and elaborate previous ideas. And these great and deep understandings have been made available to all who will listen for they are from the One God for all of the family of God.

And, my mind was drawn to the 600's and 500's bce. Suddenly I saw the concurrently with the days in Babylonian captivity and the inspired writings of "The Old Testament",  Spirit was moving across the earth, inspiring others. Buddha was in India. Lao Tse and Confucius were in China, for example. Some of the most magnificent understandings about God and life were being thought, shared and written in relatively the same time in widely diverse places on earth.

Spirit whispered great things, and listening people heard.

Right now in this fragmented time in history, let us listen to the Great Whispers of Spirit and come to a deeper walk with God. God is always here, always whispering Guidance, are we listening?

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