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Friday, November 4, 2016

Once Upon A Time

This morning I saw the following:

Peeling off the layers of centuries of people saying a huge range of things about Christianity, Jesus, the Cosmic Christ and theologies, I stand on a hill under an olive tree, looking down at the lake called Gallilee during the time of the birth of The Way.

This was a time of strong restraints from almost every direction. The Romans ruled with iron fists. The Pharisees had so many rules that were mandatory, yet it was impossible to find enough time in the day to actually do. There was widespread poverty, illiteracy, ignorance, lack of hygiene, short life expectancy, etc.

Into this tightness came a breath of fresh air. Love for all, forgiveness, redemption, healing, personal direct relationship with God, and it was for everyone. It was not just for those who jumped the cultural hoops successfully. It was for every single person!

It was a sweeping energy. In the presence of such Presence, everything changed.

But then the unenlightened, the power hungry, the greedy, the partially enlightened began the calcification of this breath of fresh air, of Light. Layers grew as each generation of these pilled on more and more nonsense.  And then we were back to the restraint, just in new forms.

It seems to me we need to touch again that Breath of Fresh Air, that Light, and set our feet onto The Way . Something is telling me we actually can.

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