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Friday, May 19, 2017


Half awake, half asleep this morning, I heard "enter the borderless land." It repeated. It felt deeply important. It felt like a door to another level.

I asked what was meant. I saw stretched before me the days of sacred holidays of many religions. I knew Oneness in a new way. I experienced a merging into nowness. This now moment is the only moment we can live. In this now moment we are to live all that is sacred. In a way, we are to live the sacred holidays every moment.

We are not to be generous only on Christmas or Hanukkah, but in every moment of every day. We are not to make amends once a year, but always. We are not to remember yearly that life is eternal and we are part of life, but we are to live daily with this joy and responsibility. We are not to worship weekly, but worship in every millisecond.

In other words, whatever sacred days we celebrate, bring them all together and live them. Each represents some aspect of the spiritual journey. Take down the walls and live in a borderless way that includes all the holidays. We don't  need to wait for Christmas to be generous of thought word and deed.

Each sacred holiday represents a fragment of what our ancestors discovered about God. Put the fragments together, and we have a more complete picture, not the whole thing, but a larger portion.

So said this morning's vision. Let us think on these things.

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