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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Love It All

In study of the teachings of Jesus, I am constantly amazed at new depths that bubble up. I think Christians would do well to contemplate verses and mine into them to explore ever deepening meanings.

We are told to love as God loves. One clue is God loves the world. What what does that mean to us? One meaning I see is a call for us to love and cherish this planet and all that is in/on it.

Along this line of thought, yesterday I  saw a man on a bench, passed out and filthy, hair sticking up in a mess, wrapped in a filthy sleeping bag. My heart wept for how far he had fallen and for his brokenness. Of course I prayed for him. Yet he haunts me. God loves him. I'm  called to love him. What am I to do?

My thoughts range in multiple directions. If we could get the money due us, we could open a center to heal the broken. How would it work? I wonder what is the responsibility of the truly down and out person? There are food banks and showering facilities. What keeps a person from utilizing available helps? I wonder is there brokeness beyond the reach of healing? Can we love him as he is and not require him to change? How does God's  love touch him? What is God calling me to do?

Each scripture contemplated deeply leads to an ever more personal relationship with God and a challenge to us. Do we have the courage to delve deeply?

Lord, lead me to find ever deepening meaning. Lead me to go way beyond the surface ideas expoused by others. Lead me to You.

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