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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Joseph and Generosity

This morning I was reading about the importance and power of generosity, highlighting the Old Testament Joseph.

You may remember his brothers sold him into slavery, and with a lot of plot twists, he ended up as assistant to Pharoah. He interpreted Pharoah's dream that there would be years of drought and famine, so that he should store up food for those years in order for his people to survive. You can read the details in Genesis if you want.

His brothers came to him from their homeland during the famine, not recognizing him, and asked for food so their family would not starve. He sent them for his father, and then revealed himself and gave them what they needed. It is a very fascinating story in a wide variety of ways.

One way it is fascinating to me is one of my favorite Biblical responses. After all was said and done, Joseph said to his brothers you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good. There was no forgiveness needed because Joseph saw the larger picture, the God Picture.

Also, Joseph did withhold food supplies, enough that all could survive the times of famine. One of the keys here is that it was not selfish, not to keep for himself. It was generosity so that many could benefit. The above statement also spoke of generosity of heart. I think when we are able to live from the God Picture, all things in our lives look different.

We might ask ourselves - During _______ valley in my life, in what ways did God mean it for good?

I think that when we walk with sincerity and integrity along the path of our lives, all or at least almost all of our experiences could be said to be good in the larger God Picture. Joseph did not wallow in the low points of betrayals and imprisonment. He did not use them as excuses to not be his best self. He ended up at the top, able to do much good for he was able to feed many, many others. He lived generously at many levels.

Lord, help me to live generously in all ways. Help me to see the God Picture in my life. Help me to know that all will be well. Help me stay on Your Path and walk The Way as fully as possible. I dedicate my life to You.

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