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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Huge Day

Today is a huge day in the USA. It is election day, though many of us voted early with absentee ballots or at early voting sites. We voted at the mall last week. I like the actual process of going to vote rather than mailing in my ballot. Our church is all set up as a place to vote today. It is exciting and a bit scary - what will the outcome be?

I LOVE this country and the ideas behind it. I am concerned over the strange things happening.

Normally I don't discuss political things here, but today I feel strongly led to say something exemplified in the hearings to confirm Justice Kavanaugh. He was accused by several women of sexual misconduct. Within this past week 2 of the accusers admitted they lied, and today the main accuser, the one "everyone" found convincing, said she doesn't know who it was that treated her so badly. I've heard these women have been referred to the Justice Department.

My concern, maybe fear, is the political theater put on by one party as they screamed SHE IS BELIEVED without a shred of concurring evidence. A pattern emerged: Shouting those who don't believe her are misogynists and worse; Intimidation of Congress members who dared to believe something was not right with her vague and conflicting recollections;  Congress members recommending harassment by the public of other Congress members of the other party; Also ignoring the mountain of people who knew him well and spoke only in glowing terms; and not in the least, ignoring the details of his life and humble service. Where oh where is integrity? What drove them to such madness?

Some of these horrid acting people stand to be heads of committees, if their party gains a majority today. Who else would they try to railroad? What emotional and ignorant things would they profess in unison? What economic disaster would they create? What hatred and violence would they promote?

They showed us their hand in the so called hearing on the Justice. I hope and pray the good people remember that ugly circus as they vote.

God save us from the political class.

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