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Friday, August 16, 2019

Drawing Lines

The idea came to me the other day that part of the art of life is drawing lines. Each of us draw them in just about every area of our lives. We draw them regarding simple, even trivial things, all the way up to the most profound and life changing things.

We draw lines as to how much is too much ice cream, how late do the children get to stay up, how much do we save or spend, how much time do we give to worthy causes, who is acceptable and who is not, the amount of time we spend on our spirituality, etc????

Some lines protect us and some go against our better futures and keep us stuck.  Some draw the line so no new information is accepted. I often see this in regard to politics and religion.

This morning I was thinking about Jesus referring to himself as the son of man, a Jewish idea associated with some of those written about in the Hebrew scriptures, (some of which Christians refer to as The Old Testament). This is not related to the concept of the trinity, which started to develop later as the followers shifted from the Jewish understanding to the Greek speaking and thinking world. Few people seem to know, or care, that much of what became Christian theology is Greek philosophy applied to the early Christian writings and teachings.

The Greek/Roman thinking took over, leaving the original teachings in the dust. It is often said that Jesus would not recognize himself in the theology that ensued.

When I first became aware of such things, and discovered what I had been taught was not accurate or even close, I began my long spiritual quest to find Truth. I must say it has been an extraordinary journey filled with just about every twist and turn imaginable.

What directed me was my personal experiences of The Presence of God and my inner knowing that Jesus and the New Testament had keys to how to live. I first poured over my little New Testament, reading and contemplating and underlining. I believed the way to live was there, deep spirituality was there, but theologians had mucked it up.

I found New Thought in the 60's. In those days, it was known as practical Christianity. Emmet Fox, Ernest and Fenwick Holmes, the Filmores, the Brooks sisters and countless others made Christianity come alive. I soaked it all up. I found deep inner healing from the wounds of my life.

Then everything changed. The "leaders" decided Religious Science was not Christian. I went again on a quest. I was led to study and experience other world religions. I discovered modern Christian theologians and archeologists. Things started to make sense.

I was called to go back to my beginnings, to churches, bringing with me my developing understanding of all things spiritual. My old friend Jesus, who had led me thru the terrors of my youth, was the friend of my old age, but in a very different friendship.

I am very grateful for the journey of this life, to the places and people and ideas along the way. I am grateful to realize it is an  ongoing journey, a process of awakening, a process of openness to being awake in The Presence. I am comfortable now living in the process, for I know I am led by God, and God would not lead me astray and would never leave me. No matter how the appearances shout at me, I know all is well, for the Presence is always present.

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  1. Marlene, this is beautifully expressed. I've often thought we would be better off without so many "lines" between religious beliefs that only separate and divide us, rather than unite us which, I believe, was Christ's true message. I grew up in a Jewish home but my questions about God were not answered by the Rabbis so I explored other faiths and paths. When I found Religious Science (purely by "accident") it opened my eyes to a concept of God that was meaningful to me, and that changed my life. Finally I was able to develop a real, personal relationship with the God of my understanding. I am committed to continuing to grow along spiritual lines and I know God will guide me toward an ever deepening relationship with Him/Her/It. That feels like the most important thing I can do in these later years of my life