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Saturday, June 20, 2020

A Virtual Life

I'm a delegate from our church to the annual CalPac conference of the United Methodist Church. We meet at the University of Redlands, but not this year. We meet at this new place called "Zoom." It seems so odd. We're on a break right now, but we will be soon Zooming again.

Our Sunday service is now on Facebook. Our committees and small groups of spiritual studies are now on Zoom. Some meetings are not happening at all, as you really have to be there, like making prayer quilts together. Sure, I keep making them and taking them to our cupboard at church, but it's really not the same.

Our world is becoming a virtual experience. A new concept has emerged, "the new normal." No one knows how this will be expressed, except we know things are and will be different.

I miss my previous freedom to go where I wanted, to see people and hug them and share thoughts and ideas, to walk in the park or stroll through the mall, to have civil discussions even with those with a different point of view.

It seems we have willingly given up our freedom. Fear has struck our world - fear of each other, fear of a virus, fear of disobeying those giving us orders, fear of angry mobs. Apparently, freedom is quite fragile and easy to stop in a way we did not previously know.

Before it is too late, let's claim our freedom. Let's be considerate of others and their freedom, but let's not live in the land of fear.

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