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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Mentor of Mine

One of my many teachers and mentors came to mind this week. I even named my beloved Dalmatian after him. My dog came to me within days of learning of the passing of Dr. Joseph Murphy, and for some reason I just had to name him Murphy.

He wrote a ton of books (Dr. Murphy, not my dog😄), probably the most well-known was The Power of the Subconscious Mind. He helped a huge number of people, including me when I was a brand new ordained minister in 1978. I was going to Honolulu to found a new church without the faintest clue how to do so, but I had a strong calling that I could not ignore. He spent a day with me in his home, sharing his vast knowledge. He made a huge difference in my life.

The above named book was one of those life-changing books in my life. I had been untangling painful and strange experiences of my life, and found most of my problems laid deep in my subconscious at almost every level, right where I had buried them. At the time of their happening, I was not able to resolve them, so as a survival tactic, I buried them, as do most people it turns out.

The memories buried in my subconscious, were not so difficult to resolve, once I knew what to do. It took some years to resolve some, but with each step, I became freer, clearer, and more and more joyful. I discovered that each moment of my life is, and has been, my teacher. Everything works together on my path to awaken.

All of this to say, I encourage you to heal your subconscious and reap the amazing benefits. Learn how the subconscious works, how it affects everything you do and think and say and feel.

Begin to detoxify it by feeding it affirmations - short, positive, present tense "I" statements, such as: I am all right, right now; I forgive myself; Each day I grow more and more positive. (There is more detailed information in my book on forgiveness regarding affirmations). Forgiveness is absolutely essential! Learn self-hypnosis and give yourself healing suggestions. Read and gather information. As you take responsibility for the contents of your deeper mind, be prepared for truly miraculous things begin to happen.

God bless you. My prayers are with you wherever you are. We are one in Spirit.

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