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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mind/Spirit - Body

This morning the thought popped into my mind - I wonder how loosely our Mind/Spirit is tethered to our body???

In sleep, some part of us goes to fantastical places while our bodies stay put at the place we left them when we entered the realm of sleep. In meditation, prayer, hypnosis, concentration, musing and such, we go somewhere without our bodies. Engrossed in a book or film, we can be so enthralled that we are mostly unaware of our bodies.

Pain, of course, brings us back into our body awareness, but with some practices, we can also go away from pain.

Near death experiences tell us of a soul's journey going to another dimension, leaving our bodies here on earth. Intuitive flashes lead us to know something beyond where we stand.

It occurred to me, that a great deal of our earthly life involves Mind/Spirit adventures that are only loosely tied to our bodies. We need bodies to reside on earth, but we seem to be able to spend quite a lot of time oblivious to them.

Working from our Mind/Spirit, it has long been suggested, and mainly proven, that we can improve the life experienced by our earthly selves. Positivity brings something far different to us than negativity. Love radiating from a soul level magnetizes us to a different level of life experience than daggers of judgemental anger.

The challenge seems to be to integrate what we know from our forays away from our bodies with our earthly life experience. If we could realize how fantastic it all is and cherish the full spectrum of our lives, our day to day existence would be lifted beyond to actually awaken to KNOW the Spark of the Divine lives here in each of us.

I salute the Divine in you.

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