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Monday, May 17, 2021

To Give Up Is Not An Option

Sometimes, I must confess, I feel like giving up on humans. What an unruly bunch we are. Tinged with insanity, malevolence, greed, ego and such, we like lemmings jump off cliffs of common destruction. Voices of compassion and reason are shouted down or attacked with a vengeance. There seems to be some sort of perverted attraction to the refusal to learn from history, and even to distort it or rewrite it.

There are sweet pockets throughout history and now - sweet pockets of those living out a higher vision of love and generosity and peace, a recognition of a Higher Power and of respect and responsibility to It. So I must not give up.

I pray daily for guidance and inspiration as to how we can shift the consciousness of many away from the destruction we seem as a species to seek out, over and over and over again. How do we get people to sincerely seek out a higher path?

Divine Presence, Breath of my breath, open my eyes and mind and heart to You. Guide me, guide humanity, to You, away from destruction, away from dark paths, into Your Light and Love. Awaken us to the call to do and be more, more loving, more attuned to "our higher angels," more stewards of this sacred gift of life on earth. Oh dear Presence, I am thankful, as I realize You hear my prayer, hear the longing in my heart, hear the groaning of humanity. I listen.

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