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Friday, May 13, 2022

Just A Gaze

This morning I read about a scientific study that proved an experience of mine, and probably of yours too. You know how it is when you can feel a person starring at you, and you turn to discover they are actually starring at you, or a person turning around when you are starring at them? It actually makes neurological reactions that can be detected. It seems it is a real thing.

In meditation I was shown an expanded understanding of this. It involves our connection to The More. God, Divine Presence. As we deeply turn to God in prayer and/or meditation, God "feels" our gaze, and, if we go quietly into the silence, we can feel God's Gaze being returned. That changes everything, or at least it has for me.

Unhinged from God, people flail around. We can see that most everywhere today and also historically. The evil done by people is done when the people are not connected to The More. Connected people - those whose gaze turns to God and God's Gaze turns to them - are peaceful, compassionate, kind, etc.

Meditation is one of the keys. I can only imagine what a different world it would be if/when a large number of people would daily meditate and open and keep open that incredible Connection.

Oh Divine Presence, lead us to Connection with You. Show us how to encourage others to Connection. Show us how to encourage meditation. Lead us to be the difference the weary world needs. 

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