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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Jesus vs Woke or Awake vs Puppet

This morning I awoke with a deep sorrow over the direction our nation and our world is sinking into. It's as if I'm watching what history will later call the decline of the great Western democracies and the downturn to authoritarianism, especially Marxism.

The thinking has become what we once called "stinking thinking." Following a thought to its logical conclusion, using logic, understanding cause and effect, taking responsibility for one's life and reactions to others and on and on - are now attacked as being unwoke. The woke are fast asleep however, asleep to all things sane and useful.

Christianity, and basically all religions, has been attacked, labeled unwoke, and shunned in the circles of the ruling elite. They are attempting to replace religion with other false religions such as climate change, rights of extreme minorities, sports, etc. They are actively working to destroy civilization such as: allowing invasions/taking down borders, ginning up wars and fears of nuclear attacks, banning books, trying to create a race war, removing law and order, taking children out of the control of family, destroying the sexes in various ways such as castrating children, making all language neutral, going against biology with fabricated craziness and on and on.

Christianity is deemed dangerous because Jesus teaches us to love, to forgive, to use our ears and eyes, to find God within, to pray, to care, to be kind, to be of integrity in all things, to think, to be fully human and divine, to value our contribution here and to know that we are accountable for what we do here when we pass on from this life.

The slimy woke activists despise this. They want us under their control. They want us to be confused. They do not want us to be in control of ourselves, as they promote being "triggered" as an awful offense. We used to call it having our buttons pushed, and then the need to get rid of one's own buttons or else be a puppet on someone else's string.

Can it be turned around? I really don't know. This arc of history may be bent too far right now. But I do know all who are awake are called to try.

Oh Divine Presence, infuse us with Your Clarity. Guide us and Lead us to follow the Teachings of the Great Spiritual Lights. Show us how to turn around/repent. If it is Your Will, stop the decline of civilization, of critical thinking, of spiritual awakening - help us turn this around. We are open to Your Inspiration.

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