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Friday, August 12, 2022

Medical Week/Torture?

Sometimes, it seems, things get worse before they get better. For years I've had various issues with my digestive system, and they have intensified. I have a wonderful new gastroenterologist who pledges to get to the bottom of it and solve it. So there are a battery of tests underway. The most recent was a 24-hour acid test. They put a tube in my nose, down my esophagus just to the entrance of my stomach, taped the tube to my nose, over my ears, and to my neck, and attached it to a monitor. There were sensors at the bottom of it all to measure the acid and record the ph. It was very uncomfortable and also fascinating. It never went to the alkaline side, and went periodically as acidic as the lowest that can be. That is, the line between acid and alkaline is 7. Above is alkaline, below is acidic. It went as low as .01 several times, and I saw it at 0 a time or two. Mostly it was around 3-4.

It seems to me, that the most severe symptoms have always been related to stress. I imagine there are other factors, but stress is always there as the symptoms emerge. I don't mean the daily and usual stress of life on earth, I mean extraordinary stress factors.

Part of my curriculum here on earth must be to find ways to not let extreme circumstances stop me on my spiritual quest. The Divine relationship is my primary "assignment." I must not be diverted - not by body issues, not by others, not by finances, not by world events, not by my thoughts, not by anything.

So I keep on reading spiritual writings, keep on praying and meditating and contemplating, keep on serving, keep on writing, and keep on with all of my spiritual practices. And Inspiration is still giving me gifts of Guidance and Understanding, and God is still my companion. Life is good. Life is an incredible gift and must not be wasted. Excuses, even seemingly "good" excuses, are not acceptable. 

We must not let ourselves be sidetracked from our primary life and mission. We are here to be a light, a lifter, an inspirer, and to grow and expand our own spiritual lives. Let us move forward together to be all we can be, never mind that distractions pop up. Keep our eyes on the real goal.

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