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Monday, August 29, 2022

Birthing God Within

Huxley, in The Perennial Philosophy, wrote of the necessity of practice in order to learn a skill. One cannot, for example, become a great artist by simply reading a book on art. In regards to our spiritual growth he adds:

In no circumstances, however, can the study of theology or the mind’s assent to theological propositions take the place of what [William] Law calls “the birth of God within.” For theory is not practice, and words are not the things for which they stand.

As I look around the world today, it seems to me that more and more people are untethered from high aspirations and moral principles, let alone actively engaged in "birthing God within." There is so much chaos and violence, and I am led to conclude all of the mess we see is related to the lack of seeking God within and the emptiness in the core of our being this creates.

I hope and pray more and more people are led to a genuinely spiritually awake person who can lead them in practices that quicken the birth of awareness of the Seed of God within. It seems to me this is perhaps our only hope for us at many levels - to  stop humanity's current path of self-destruction, to fill the aching hole in the center of a person not awake to the Light within, and to fulfill our purpose for being born here on earth.

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