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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Mind Food

This morning I put together some statements that I need right now to fill my mind with hope and faith, as I still walk a long valley - soon to be a mountaintop experience. It occurred to me that you might find them helpful too.  As Jesus said, It is done unto you as you believe,                      

                        Affirmations – Mind Food

Adapted from Florence Shinn

Infinite Spirit, reveal to us the way, let us know if there is anything for us to do.

Infinite Spirit, open the way for our immediate supply. Let all that is ours by Divine Right now reach us in an avalanche of abundant good.

I cast this burden upon the Christ within and go free.

Jesus Christ brings the good news that there is a higher law than the law of karma and that transcends the law of karma. It is the law of Grace/Forgiveness. Karma is forgiven under the law of Grace.

Divine Order is established in our minds, body and affairs.

We are always under direct inspiration and make the right decisions, always aware of leadings/intuitions that come to us.

I will that the Will of God be done.

There is no loss in Divine Mind.

God says, I will restore to you the years the locasts have eaten.

Bring forth the Divine Design for our lives. Let the genius in us be released. Let us see clearly the Perfect Plan.

I form the habit of practicing the Presence.

Poise is power – it gives God Power a chance to work through us.

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