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Friday, March 31, 2023

The Work of This Life

 "The whole work of this life," he (Augustine) once said, "is to heal the eye of the heart by which we see God."

Such a profound and many layered statement.

Healing our eye, our inner eye/the eye of our hearts, removes distortions, frees us for depths and heights of our life in God, leads us to live the great spiritual truths that now well up from within, from the Kingdom of God within our very souls. Dogmas fall away. Superstition dissolves. We awaken to a new life.

Our healing requires our active participation. As you know, I heartily recommend daily meditation, contemplation, study and prayer. 

I also recommend that we become observers of ourselves in a calm manner, and to reverse any thought, word or deed immediately that is not of the highest, most kind and compassionate. Nip every negativity in the bud, and then reverse it at once. Do not let weeds grow in heart and mind.

Let us become masters of ourselves so that we can be lights unto this weary world.

May God bless you on this journey.🙏

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