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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Miracles Are Afoot

It's a miracle! The repair bill on the car was forgiven!! They realized my husband had left a message not to replace the water pump, but they did it anyway. A lot of prayer, and a call from a friend, and my husband's conversation with them, all added up to getting our car back, and all we had to pay was for the smog test! Praise God!

Now I only urgently need money for a root canal and other critical dental work. I call for another miracle🙏☝

I know it is not currently thought to be cool to believe in miracles, but I do. I've seen countless miracles in my life. I know there is more than meets the eye that is happening here. Whatever name you want to use - God, Higher Power, Jesus, Allah, The More, Divine Presence - there is a Spiritual Presence in which we live.

I know that our "solid" physical world is mostly empty space with whirling atoms going at amazing speeds. I know what we "see" are signals that our brains interpret, and that they arrive upside down, but our brains turn them around. I know that we are traveling at tremendous speeds when you add up our spinning globe, our huge orbit around the sun each year, the travel of our solar system through the Milky Way, the Milky Way's movement, and on and on. But it seems to us that we are standing still.

I know that the cereal, blueberries, and milk I had for breakfast are right now being transformed into my body.

I could go on and on, but I won't. I just invite you to think on these things and other examples that come to you.

Jesus said not to judge by appearances. We do anyway. It might be interesting if we opened ourselves to what is beyond appearances.

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