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Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's Begin

This is something my generation never dreamt of --- the internet, blogs, emails, cell phones. We hoped for an electric typewriter & erasable paper & thought it a miracle when they appeared during high school years. Clearly my grandchildren live in a different world & I'm trying to catch up some.

The main focus of my life has been spirituality. Now that doesn't mean I have definitive answers. It means I question, I discuss, I explore, I study, I hope & I continue to quest. Perhaps it is correct that life is a journey rather than a destination,.

So here I am, sorting out my spiritual life. I've been delving into things spiritual ever since I can remember. I've had spiritual experiences, dry spells, times of great inspiration, a sense of mission, confusion, hope, fear and the whole gamut.

Here I thought I'd go over some of my questions, conclusions & maybe some of my experiences too. I've had some amazing experiences of all kinds. We'll see where this takes us.

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