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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Again

It seems to me that 2010 went by with great speed. I know time, & everything else, is relative to the reference point. With my advancing years, I have a larger reference point & one year is a smaller portion of that reference point so would naturally seem less. Yet, even knowing that it still seems that 2010 was extra fast. I have heard younger people say the same.

The turning point is arbitrary. That is we could have chosen any place to say it is the new year, but January 1st got the nod.

At any rate 2011 is here. What does that mean to us? It is the opportunity to feel that we are getting a fresh new start, a chance to live a bit better or maybe a lot better. It is a time to think deeply about how we would like to be & how we would like this year to be. It is a time to sort out our priorities & re-aim our lives toward new targets.

My life target has been for spiritual understanding, deeper communion with God, & enlightenment. That shall always be my primary target, & of course I reaffirm it for 2011. I also aim toward the best health possible, family healing, learning new art & quilting techniques, my trip to Russia 20 years after my first trip & I think it is also my 20th trip there, more travel & experiencing & being at the places I've always wanted to see such as Ireland, etc. I support my husband as he aims toward greater income.

I have other targets that I'd like to reach. I hope, dream & pray that at least some of my books that I've written over the years, most of them for my work in Russia, could get published in English & in bookstores all over America. I hope, dream & pray that the coarseness of our culture could be reversed & a resurgence of spirituality would emerge. I hope, dream & pray for peace in each heart & therefore in the world. I realize that angry, greedy, power-driven people do not want nor are capable of creating peace. So I hope, dream & pray for that healing of each human heart that is needed first.

I ask you, what are your targets? For what do you hope, dream & pray. This is a great time to ponder such things.

Father, we come to You this day with a new openness in our depths. We are open for You to inspire within us greater targets toward which You would want us to aim our lives. We begin anew in this new year. We wish to begin as You would want us to begin. Speak in our hearts. Whisper to our souls. We listen. Thank You, dear God. We let go & await Your working in our lives. In the name of Christ we seal this prayer with Amen.

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