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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thank You...

Thank You, God, for inspiring people with amazing new ideas. Thank you to those who have listened & acted. Particularly today I want to give thanks all for the great scientific, particularly medical, breakthroughs that have benefited us all. Thank You God for inspiring great minds with great ideas. Thank you great men & women of medical science for paying attention.

I am sure I would not be here today without the benefit of medical science. If I had lived just one short century earlier or anytime earlier than that, I would not have lived to the age I am now. From my tonsillectomy at age 3 to my almost gangrene gallbladder to my major back surgery to the flu & various & sundry other health challenges, I am indebted to modern medical science & God's inspiration in the great minds of science.

So now I apparently face another medical obstacle, Guillain-Barré syndrome. Medical science doesn't have a lot to say about it. No one is certain why one gets it nor how to get rid of it. If I get worse & lose all reflexes in my knees & elbows, they can do some sort of plasma exchange that can be helpful. Otherwise, I just guess I'm to stick it out. They say that sometimes it just disappears as mysteriously as it came. Sometimes it goes slowly. Sometimes it is gone & sometimes it is partially present forever. Sometimes it comes back.

The nerve pain pills take the edge off, but my hands are still incredibly sensitive & burning on the fingertips, plus the pills make me a bit groggy. My feet & halfway to my knees are numb. It is constant, no reprieve. It is challenging to say the least. I know there is a blessing in here somewhere. Show me the way. Show me the blessing, please God.

Hear my prayer dear God. Inspire my doctors, inspire me, tell us what to do to end this agony. You alone know what to do. Help me hear Your guidance. I listen. I await. Thank You, God. Amen

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