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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Spirituality is Quiet

My relationship with God, with Christ is a quiet, personal, intimate, precious, treasured relationship. Our communion together informs my life, leads me, guides me. focuses me. If you watch how I live, the choices I make, the way I treat others, how I spend my time, what I read, etc., hopefully you can see the visible part of my relationship with God. But you cannot see my relationship. It cannot fit it into words. It is in a deep secret place in the temple at the center of my being. It is not for PR. It is the richness of oneness that is far too precious, treasured & intimate to be cast about willy nilly.

I am suspect of those who loudly speak their faith, especially those who think they are the only ones who are right. The show of faith, the theatrics, they ring false.

Jesus said to go into the closet to pray & didn't much care for the hypocrites who publicly & with fanfare did their prayers.

There is a humility in knowing & living from the deep well of actual communion. It is not to be shouted & pridefully displayed; it is not of or for ego. It is to be quietly lived, the example being an irresistible magnet to others who are drawn to the light & joy & love & kindness emanating from a heart actually attuned to God.

It is not furthered by entertainment with drums & guitar, but is rather pushed down by the loud, spectacular, entertainment based "churches." It is not the outer dance at all. It is quietly living & being one with God. It is Brother Lawrence, the humble brother whose enlightened life drew people to him from far & wide. It is Jacob Boehme,the cobbler who knew God & great princes came from all over to sit & listen to him. It is Hildegard von Bingen whose deep communion with God drew so many to her & draws us today as we read her words or hear her music. Those who hear & see & experience Reality, are humble. They do not seek power, fame or wealth of the world. They do not feed the ego. The simply live as they are guided. Maybe there is some such one unnoticed nearby. Maybe there is such a one inside of you, waiting to be set free.

Lord, I turn to You this moment. Show me the way to simply be with You, learn from You & live as You would have me live. I cast aside the ego & seek the genuine. I choose to be a spiritual adult, not needing distracting entertainment, only needing You. Help me live more quietly and humbly. Help me live kindly, lovingly. I ask this in Your name. Amen

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