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Thursday, May 9, 2013


In my new book that I'm working on, I suggest that one of the possibilities for the reason the earth is such a mess is that this is an insane asylum for souls who have a couple of screws loose.

I think I'd like to start an Institute for Spiritual Sanity. People, for example, say they follow Jesus and then act the opposite of him. Oh how they love and adore Jesus but hate their fellow humans, at least the ones who do not fully agree with whatever it is they say is the "truth." Jesus taught love, oneness, forgiveness to everyone - including the outsiders or the enemy. But don't you dare disagree with a fundamentalist so-called Christian. They will let you know in very unlike Jesus terms how lost and terrible you are and how if you don't change you are thrown away and they even tell you that God will throw you away into endless fires-- because of course the know what the Infinite will do.

Or they say they follow Jesus and are routinely unkind to the people around them. From family to friends to neighbors to casual interactions, unkindness pops up regularly. Or they gossip and tear people down behind their backs. Or they do actual harm to people with beatings or cruel and violent actions.

Congruence might save the world from itself and bring Jesus' teachings alive. What if people started working more seriously on thinking, acting, responding, and participating as love and doing what he told us would work to bring us into harmony with God. What if people did the work to retrain the run wild ego and tame it into Christ consciousness?

I don't think I can get the Institute up quick enough. Help me. I'm trapped on a planetary insane asylum.

Dear God, You placed me here on this earth for some good reason I am sure. Please help me to stop being side tracked by the strange appearances here. Help me look through the twisted energies and untwist myself. Help me to be congruent and true to who I am in Reality.Today is surely a challenge. In other words, God, HELP ME PLEASE. 

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