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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Social Controls

Last year I think I mentioned re-reading Eric Hoffer's book "True Believer" which had been required reading back in the day in a number of college classes. He talks about how people get into an organization and give up their minds and hearts and become sort of robotish.  I was also looking in the garage for my social control textbook, but it is still in some unknown box.

Basically social controls are the ways people and people as organizations or governments control people. 

I listened to the tapes of the study of American prisoners of war in the Korean War and was fascinated to hear that they took out the 10% who were leaders, putting them in armed to the teeth camps, and the other 90% were easily controlled with a few guards and a couple of dogs.

I listened and learned after the fall of the Soviet control as I traveled throughout the former Soviet Union. Stalin was a genius of control. One thing he did was encourage and reward the turning in of neighbors, friends and relatives. He built apartment buildings where everyone on a floor shared the same kitchen and kitchen table. If anyone went to the government and said someone said some anti-Stalin thing at breakfast, the unwary person was never seen again. Fear made it so that fewer and fewer people spoke out and more and more were falsely accused for the rewards given to the snitch.

One cannot help but note the beginning of such a trend at many levels here. Think on the latest scandals of bugging the press, accusing press of treasonous behaviors, IRS targeting of people with other than liberal ideas and more. And this trend of liberal behavior is being carried on in other ways in organizations across the country. If a conservative appears, they are fair game. 

From the point of view of an observer of human activity, it is absolutely fascinating. From the point of view of a person who cares about it all, it is terrifying.

I am hoping and praying eyes will open and this trend will be stopped before it is too late.

Look around and think and see and stand up for freedom, please!

Lord, You have shown me disturbing patterns. I ask that You inspire people who are in a position to do something to stand up and end this trend infecting our nation. Thank You for the gift of being born in this free nation with many wonders and blessings. Help us all to protect it, its institutions, and its values.

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