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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Surviving Weariness

I have to admit, I am weary. This long, drawn out challenge that has thrust itself upon our lives is exhausting. Part of the exhaustion comes from the apparent fact that there is nothing I personally can do to end it. It lies in the hands of others - who do not seem to have us as their priority. I am a doer. I can do nothing. Ewwwww - so upsetting.

So, my strategy has been to immerse myself in creativity. I am drawing with Prismacolor pencils and Inktense pencils on cloth, thread painting and quilting them, and entering a whole new expression of my creativity. My drawing is improving through all of this.

There are whispers that this tangled web will be untangling starting this week. Oh how I hope so! I do know that I shall continue this drawing spree after our freedom finally arrives.

So here are some samples.

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