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Monday, September 1, 2014

Thinking Out LOUD

A string is cut.

Perhaps it comes from months down the rabbit hole where nothing makes sense. Perhaps it is new level of non-attachment that somehow navigated itself to my experience. Whatever caused it, wherever it came from, a string has definitely been cut.

I realized a long time ago that the theory this is all a hologram has some rational arguments in its favor. I read "The Holographic Universe" and was fascinated. I had some phone conversations with the author and invited him to be the keynote at a spiritual conference. He was excited to come, but weeks before the event, he passed on from the scourge known as AIDS.

It seems that the past is really a hologram. It only lives here and now when I dredge up pictures of what once was. The immediacy of now only seems to be invaded by the past - I am the producer of the holographic pictures of what once was or what I thought once was. I can make the pictures seem almost real, but they are not. They are not happening now. My conjured up pictures do interfere with what is in the present. The more engaged I am with them, the less available I am for the new.

My holographic movie of the past occupies me with thoughts and emotions as if the events are actually repeating themselves. And I am then not doing my life mission to love unconditionally and to be a beneficial presence - for those things can only be done in the here and now.

But then, what if it all is a hologram? Think of Emerson's oversoul. Perhaps the essence of me is an oversoul that is orchestrating, maybe even playing, by projecting this hologram of "me" to earth. I realize that nothing real can be harmed and nothing unreal can be saved, maybe this is because the temporary nature of earth is based in its status of being a hologram. The eternal, the spiritual is what is real.

A string has definitely been cut. Now I observe and continue my pondering.

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