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Sunday, December 28, 2014


This morning in my meditation, my mind wandered. I heard an inner voice say "Can you not stay with me?" I was transported to the Garden so long ago when Jesus prayed and the disciples slept.  I saw how a similar dynamic happens when we go to God but let our minds wander.

I ask myself - can I not stay with God? Are the gymnastics of the mind more intriguing and important than God?

My meditations have not been as regular as they once were. For me, part of the morning experience is saying to return to regularity of quiet times and retraining of my mind to stay still.

God, I ask for freedom. Freedom from the constraints that appear to currently bind me/us. Freedom from physical, mental and spiritual things that have gone askance. Freedom to do the things You are inspiring in me even now. Lead me to the rest of my life that is free and glorifies You.

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