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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Surprisingly Painful

3 of us drove a long way to see the much touted film, the current topic de'jour because of supposed hacking by the government the subject of the "comedy." We had seen people coming out of showings glowing with patriotism and smiling because it was funny.

There were a handful of funny moments. There were barrels full of cringing, disgusting, crude, ugly, horrid moments. It was like it was written and directed by prepubescent boys who had been raised on the streets.

Walking across the parking lot afterwards, I felt as if I had been assaulted. I had a weeping inside that our culture had sunk so low. I felt deeply offended, yes, but even more, I felt a deep pain for the thought that a significant segment of our people talk like this and think it funny, think the orgies, the promiscuity, the drugs, the potty jokes, etc are acceptable to see, do, talk about....

I thought about someone dear to me who casually spoke about the many sex partners she had, and was upset that I was old fashioned when I told her that so much casual sex can be inhibiting to intimacy, love, commitment not to mention open one up to the danger of diseases.

I realize I come from a different time. I also am a student of history and know the signs of the fall of civilizations. Our great experiment here in America has been inspired. I see far too little inspiration these days and far too much hedonism.

We are a long way from Ozzie and Harriet. Father no longer knows best.The values and days of my childhood are faint echoes now. I pray we can find a way to choose values in these "modern" days that are spiritually attuned and lead to beautiful places.

We can make any choice, and with each choice come consequences. What consequences do we wish?

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