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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


For me, conflicts are painful. I am not by nature angry or of fighting mind. Yet conflicts do come from time to time, I have some observations on this.

The history of humankind, indeed of life on earth, is filled with stories of conflicts. So, this is not personal as much it is part of earth's curriculum, at least up until now. Even the spiritual greats such as Buddha and Jesus had conflicts in their lives.

Modern technology makes for a new kind of conflict. Text, email, Twitter, etc. in which we send words but not tone or facial expressions (the cutie little cartoons really don't count). Words can sound harsher when sent forward than if they had been heard, so that the tone of voice and the look of the eyes could be taken into account. There is no back and forth, eye to eye communication in these technological communications. Lots of misunderstanding can ensue.

When I am stretched thin, stressed, worried, etc. I am more vulnerable to conflict's pain and agony. Sometimes when I walk a valley, it seems that extra arrows are thrown, as if to test me and see if I can stay true to my core self. Maybe we just have to have experiences that require us to flex our spiritual muscles so they stay strong just as we have to flex our body's muscles to keep our body strong.

Once a conflict begins, it is hard to get it neutralized. Maybe its partly inertia. The rolling ball as it bounces down a hill gains momentum and keeps going until something dramatic stops it. This seems to be accurate for nations and for interpersonal conflicts.

There are a lot of "balls" rolling down the hill globally right now. I hear a lot of talk and concern about them. The big question is how to stop the momentum to avoid catastrophe.

I don't know the answer at this moment. I think it is worth some time contemplating and seeking Guidance for a solution or two.

There is a place within that is the Temple of the Most High, always in tune with the Infinite. I turn to that place today and listen for sacred Guidance. Lord, I see momentum in negative directions moving in many ways that seem from human perspective almost impossible to stop. I ask for the leaders of this world be filled with Your Guidance so that the good may be revealed and the negative disarmed. I also ask for personal Guidance for conflicts in my life. Lead me to be a peacemaker. Lead me to see conflicts for what they are at their root and know what You would have me do in order to bring peace. I am Yours. I listen....

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