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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Know About God or Know God

This morning I was contemplating some of Meister Eckhart's words in the book "Meister Eckhart, From Whom God Hid Nothing."

Eckhart was making the point that no words or human abilities can speak of God in the true sense. One of his points in particular struck me: We make statements about things by means of similarity. Therefore one cannot really speak of God because nothing is equal to him.

We weakly try to speak of God in the best ways we can think of. But Eckhart is right - there is no equal so no accurate way to speak of God. Yet we try.

I believe that more attention might be given to meditation, prayer, spiritual readings, small groups sharing, etc. because I think that our focus really would be best spent on knowing God rather than knowing about what other people say about God.

We can easily see that the spokespersons for the huge number of factions of "religions" say a wide range of things and rarely agree except on a few points. Wars, strife, and all manner of negative things occur as a result.

Yet, if we read the words of the mystics, those who have been in The Presence, they are a harmonious whole. The words of Lao Tse are harmonious with the words of Jesus, or the words of Rumi and the words of Julian of Norwich, or the words of Dalai Lama and those of Eckhart, and on and on. Name any mystic in any culture, and you will see a harmonious flow of agreement.

The mystics do not speak of killing off those who disagree with us, or shunning them, or shrink from meaningful discussion,They stand on what they KNOW from spending time in illumined moments in The Presence. They try to put it into words, but just being in their presence touches us deeply without words, for the glow of The Presence is there

What our world needs now is more actual mystics, those who KNOW and shine the Presence of God in their corner of the world. God is calling. Who will answer?

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