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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Twinkling of An Eye

It fascinates me how life can turn on a dime, change in the twinkling of an eye - totally change. Down becomes Up. Sorrow becomes Joy. Lost becomes Found.

The funny thing is that it oft times seems to come on its on, outside of our personal power or skills or efforts. For weeks or months or maybe years, there were prayers and various efforts and attempts to make "it" happen, but nothing seemed to change. Then, all of a sudden, there "it" is.

What I think happens is that during the process we just went through, we were changed. We became "ripe" to receive. Prayer is not to inform Infinite Intelligence. Prayer is not to persuade Divine Presence, for we are already loved and held in Light. Prayer is to change us, to change our relationship to the Divine. Prayer makes us more whole. Prayer opens spiritual channels in us. Prayer purifies us of ego. We are changed.

I know that I feel different today than a few years ago when we entered our strange years of living "down the rabbit hole." My prayers for freedom from this bizarre experience, have actually been working inside of me, shifting, healing, lifting, revealing, bringing me closer and deeper to the Divine Presence.

Today is a new day. Today I am a new me. Thank You, God!

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