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Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Other Touch of Science

Not that I am any scientific expert, but I enjoy reading some new physics books and articles. I see ever more clearly the Infinite Divine Energy in and through all that exists, here and wherever there is to be, this dimension or others.

I read this morning that it is estimated that the number of protons in the universe is 1079.  And furthermore, they are exactly alike until they interact with other particles. Only then can they be interesting and unique.

My mind went into applying that to human mental/spiritual life and how our lives become interesting and unique when in relationship.

The first relationship that came to mind is to ourselves. Know thyself has been a truth saying from very ancient times. I think we come here from a spiritual dimension, probably for different reasons, but one common purpose is to learn how to love. What happened to us to stop our purpose in its tracks?

I had a vision of a person that had been sort of paper-mached. All over were pieces reflecting memories of experiences and words that imprison us. You're  bad, You're slow, You're in trouble now, We'd be better off without you, You're no good, etc. etc. etc.

      Image result for paper mache

In my vision I saw how the pieces kept the inner light from shining out and kept relationship with self and others and God under wrap and key, The pieces of false testimony about ourselves absolutely have to go.

We can reason through it, forgive our way out of it, and stand on Truthful Ground. Each one helps take off the plastered lies about us. Our stance can then be of complete relationship with ourselves, others and God.

Who are we? I'll say what I think, and I hope you will spend some time thinking about this too.

We are spiritual beings. Our bodies are garments our souls wear in order to function in this place. When we are done on earth, Mother Earth reclaims our garments, while our Souls move on to return to spiritual domains. We are created by a God of Love and Light, of Wisdom and Forgiveness. At the core of our being (what we can know with papermache removed) there is the seed of God. No matter what anyone has said to us or done to us, there is an inner core that is holy and nags at us trying to express and shine and trying to get our attention to take action to remove the hurts glued to us.

As in my book of that name, forgiveness is the key. The act of forgiveness takes off most of the negatives plastered upon us. Then we move to being aware what amazing teachers they were, the moments, the words, the people. All has led to this day and this moment, in this moment we can claim our full life lived in Light and Love. As in Aikido, we can say with gusto, Thank you for testing me.

I come today, ready to remove the negative thoughts and memories plastered all over me. Lord, show me how to forgive. I know I need to forgive myself for times I faltered. I know I need to forgive all others for times long gone. I hear the wee small voice calling me to come out from under this burden of carrying past negatives with me. I yearn to be free and come to life fully conscious of the Light within and to shine it wherever I am. I go into the Silence and listen for Your Guidance.

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