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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Can I Do?

What can I do about the horrid turn of events in the world? 

This morning I cried when I heard that 100 women in Munich and Hamburg, Germany were raped by 1,000 "refugees" on New Year's Eve. I wept for the women and how awful it was for them. I wept for the "refugees" who have sunk so low and far away from knowing God's Light and Love. I wept for our leaders who are so ineptly handling the turn of events. I wept for the helpless feeling so many of us feel - what can we do?

I know that the horror in so many places on our planet is mostly due to the lack of genuine relationship with God, with others and with oneself. I know that God is Love, and all that is not Love is from distorted human ego and hurt, unhealed people, dark and misleading understanding of religion, and the substitution of the religion business for spirituality. 

So, I guess the real questions might be - How can genuine spirituality become alive and well among the people of earth? Can it happen before it is too late to turn it all around? 

How can the depths of the spiritual experience be taught, caught, desired, common, etc? Can we walk away from the religion business and walk into the quest for awakening? Can we give up the erroneous stories, boogeymen, and distortions that have happened in our paths? 

Christ consciousness, for example, is not taught or spoken of in the religion business establishments. Knowing God directly is not mentioned. The Oneness of creation is not brought up. The great, inspiring words of the mystics are rarely quoted. Talk of silence is silent. We have gone astray.

Jesus, who became Christed, told us the Father within did the work. Don't call me good, it is the Father within. The kingdom is within.You will do greater things than I did. And accomplish all the requirements of religion by LOVE - the Great Commandments. Have we heard this lately from the lips of so-called religious leaders? Have we mulled them over and deeply considered what this means for our lives? What changes do we need to make?

It seems to me, we absolutely must find a way to start an awakening of deep spirituality before the crazies who have bought the phony stories destroy the planet and all upon it.

Lord, I realize now is the time. I can wait no longer. The fuse on earth is burning down with the crazed behavior of so many running loose and doing dastardly deeds. Lead me to heal all darkness in me. Draw me into the heart of spiritual life. Make a contagion of spiritual awakening spread across the lands. Lead us to lift, shine light and be Your Love here and now.

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