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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Accuracy of Communications or Not

This morning I was thinking about all kinds of communication and how we may or may not strive for accuracy.

There is the communication wherein the person projects their viewpoint on us in various ways. One irritating, to me, example is the person who almost always says "you" rather than "I." "You know how it is, when 12:30 comes around you just have to stop everything to have lunch." No, I don't. That is NOT accurate.Perhaps it is a bit more irritating to me than to some people, because when I was little, my mother often told me (if I was crying, upset, happy, whatever) "You don't feel that way!" Yes I DO!

Then there is the projection where the person assumes you have the same political, religious, ecological, food or whatever point of view as them. Of course they have not spent time in real conversation where things actually get to be understood, to find out if you really are a liberal/conservative/libertarian/socialist or some original blend. I had this situation when I was a pulpit clergywoman. Some people were sure I was a Democrat while others were equally certain that I was a Republican. I never spoke of politics in church, however, so no one really knew and never asked me either. Guessing is not accuracy. It was fascinating to watch.

Some people, like me, are pretty much an open book. Ask me anything, and if I know it, I'll tell you. I know that perceptive people suspected this or that anyway, and ultimately you cannot hide who you are. Your consciousness is showing. I "dare" to write this blog where I bare my soul. Some may be intrigued, some upset, some happy about what I write. So be it. I write who I am at any given moment in time, knowing I am an unfolding, awakening spiritual being having a human experience. What I write next year, or years past or tomorrow changes because I do. I will always tell you the Truth as I know it, being accurate as best I can in any moment of time. At the same time I am definitely a work in progress. No one can call me stagnant. Circumstances don't deter me from seeking, learning, exploring, and growing.

Some people are very private, guarded, closed books as much as is possible. They share little of their depths, their history, their glories and defeats, their joys and their pains. They don't realize that even so, people know a lot about them, because you really and truly cannot hide your consciousness. They try to mislead by being closed mouthed. However, as I said, it only partially works. Worse, it deflects intimacy. It keeps people away, at arms length.

There are others who purposely give crooked communications as a control mechanism. They want something from us. They are selling the latest snake oil. They want our money. They want sex. They want us to do what they want. Watch out for them. They can take a great deal before we wake up to what's happening. They try to put us in the victim position, delaying as long as possible our clarity about what is really going on.

It would behoove us to develop our sixth sense, to pay attention to our intuition, when dealing with life. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If it seems they are playing us, they probably are. If they speak and act with inaccuracy, alert, alert, alert.

I think we need to strive to be as accurate and honest as possible in our lives. If we don't want to share something, just say "no, I do not wish to talk about the_____."  That is accurate and honest. If we do wish to share, be as accurate as possible. If we do this, I'm pretty sure our relationships will grow, expand, deepen and be even more wonderful than they are right now.

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