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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ways of Thinking

I was thinking about modern thought and how it diverged sharply from previous thought during the Enlightenment, which is sometimes said to begin as early as the mid-1600's CE. Before then, it was a general idea that God created everything and that all life is sacred therefore Truth was something that was because it was, self-evident, rather like Joseph Campbell's statement about myth being something that never happened but always went on.

After the Enlightenment, Truth was only true if it were also fact. Much of the great body of spiritual insights became, therefore, suspect or deemed merely ignorance or superstition. They were not fact, not provable by scientific method.

I don't want to explore that more deeply here, only to say that this has created a shift on the planet. We now have a new literal fundamentalism that dismisses much of what has gone before. We see the decline of church attendance. We see many models of society have shifted, one might say, to the darkside. Anything goes for way too many people. It almost seems that there has been a shift to paganism where anything can be one's god. The center most important thing in one's life has moved for many people to a place that would horrify the thinkers who knew all was sacred and saw God in every speck of creation.

I can barely stand to read or hear the "news," for so much of it is ugly.

We are in a spiritually hungry world, where the deepest places of one's being are not being nourished with communion with the Highest Light for far too many people.

If we could turn and embrace what has been known by spiritual lights, our world would become so different and the news would cease being painful.

For example:

  • See each and every person as a sacred life, created by God.
  • See each animal as a sacred life, created by God.
  • Cherish this earth as a precious Divine Creation.
  • Forgive self and others.
  • Practice loving, kind, compassionate, caring behavior.
  • Choose to be the best you that you can be.
  • Unpack the gifts and talents within and share them.
  • Study the words of the great lights in history: Lao Tse, Jesus, Buddha, Meister Eckhart, Hildegard of Bingen, Mechtild of Magdeburg.
  • Study the words of current lights: Richard Rohr, Matthew Fox, John Dominic Crossen, John O'Donohue, John Philip Newell and others.
2017 approaches rapidly. We could make it such a glorious year. Let us love one another and walk in The Way.

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