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Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The day that will live in infamy has come again. And, it seems to me that there have been many before and since that would fit in that category. Awful as Pearl Harbor was, it is one of countless unthinkable days.

My mind is astir with questions. Why is it that such things even happen? What oddity is at work in the minds of men that gives them the idea that violence, murder, torture, the taking of other people's lands, and war are worth dying for? And what strange idea leads them to suppose they have the right or maybe obligation to take away life and limb from others? How do they reconcile it spiritually? How can they rationalize it as even acceptable behavior? Once it begins, defensive behavior has to spring into action for self-preservation, and then acceleration occurs.

This happens over and over and over and over throughout the known and discovered (think of all of the archeological digs) history of humans. Do some of us have a logic chip missing? Is this really a prison planet mostly populated with the dredges of the universe with a few wise ones thrown in just in case someone decides to listen? Is this planet the insane asylum for the universe with a few spiritual psychiatrists showing up from time to time to try to speak sanity?

For almost all spiritual paths --- peace, love, honor, forgiveness, repentance, non-violence, oneness, non-attachment, etc. are tenets. So we know at least some people have had sense enough to write down those ideas. The problem seems to be that not enough people have taken these to heart and lived them. Even supposed followers of spiritual paths have done dastardly deeds.

Since it has gone on so long, is there really a chance to make this planet the kingdom of heaven on earth? I've spent a lot of time and energy aimed at just such a goal. I wonder if the task is not possible, but that the attempt is what is needed. The attempt changes a person interiorly, so that spiritual awakening is possible one by one.

I weep for our planet, for our people, our brothers and sisters all created by the One, all made of the same substance. We are the people of God. Some of us seem to have forgotten or not gotten around to the spiritual path yet.

I pray for a wave of true spiritual awakening to sweep across earth. I pray for Light and Love of the Divine Presence to spark awakening across this planet. I pray that people put down the ways of darkness and turn to the Light. I continue to pray for peace on earth, for peace in each and every heart. So be it.

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