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Friday, March 9, 2018

An Interesting Thought

An interesting thought has come to me. All religions that I know about have some sort of meditation practice. It seems there is a call from deep within the soul to dive deeper into spirituality. Whether we say Ohm or Maranantha or some other word, we silence our ego and enter a realm of Spirit.

That also leads me to consider the idea that meditation might be the bridge between religions. The details of theology may be different, yet we all meditate and seek meaning and God. Instead of fighting each other, perhaps our common ground of meditation can help us speak to one another with compassion and kindness. We may never agree on who is the greatest prophet, or how many angels sit on the head of a pin, but we can meditate together and share the deep experience of entering the spiritual realm.

At this most critical time on earth, let us rise above our differences, share our commonality and move to living in harmony with one another, this beautiful planet and the One God that we all come to know through our different doors. Perhaps the door is not as important as where the destination is, where the experience of the Eternal is found.

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